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sued for that. congress in 2005 passed a specific law to give gun companies immunity for lawsuits for how they're products get used. that is not on the agenda to get discussed? however he talks about protecting your family at the end of the world the fight against gun reform is about the gun makers fund the mra. it is all about protecting the gun makers from becoming the foe focus. this week, republicans in the senate filibustered in washington, d.c. that court sort of a minor leagues for the supreme court. as federal judgeships go, a seat is very important. the nominee is named caitlin
2:01 am
haligan. qualified for the job. this is why they blocked the nomination. quoting senate republicans, in new york versus sterman ruger a new york state court case, ms. halligan argued that uses of -- vigorously advanced attempting to hold gun manufacturers liable. gun manufacturers will not be held liable for the products they sell. will not argue that publicly. that would look bad. they have the nra to do it for them and they stay in the shadows. at bottom this is them protecting themselves. from we the people turning on them. it is heat shield politics and they got held accountable and the country changed because of it. and more americans are alive because of it. it is working right now for the gun manufacturers and they are
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not being held accountable so far. but maybe that can change. that. "first look" is up next. >> good friday morning. right now on "first look" osama bin laden's son-in-law has been captured and faces charges of conspiracy to kill americans. that california lion that mauled an intern actually escaped a cage before killing the 24-year-old in a cleaning enclosu enclosurer. former president bill clinton says it's time to overturn a discriminatory law he signed as president. actress demi moore wants ashton kutcher to pay alimony. the odds makers have been predicting future popes for centuries. find out who leads the pack now. google has a $30 million offer that's out of this world. good morning. i'm mara ski yav campo. osama bin laden's son-in-law has been brought to the united states to appear in a new york courtroom later today. he was captured back in jordan
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in january after years on the run from the cia. in the years after 9/11, he became one of al qaeda's loudest vouss on propaganda and recruitment. he never took over the terror business but u.s. officials describe him as a figure akin to a mob family. lawmakers say it's a huge victory in the war on terror but the decision to hold him in the u.s. is raising some concern. >> we believe the administration's decision here to bring this person to new york city, if that's what's happened, without letting congress know, is a very bad precedent to set. to set. we believe very firmly that the congress had tried to tell the administration when it comes to people like this, that we want them to go to gitmo to be held in military custody for interrogation purposes. >> ghaith will be brought in front of a federal magistrate this morning. an unsealed indictment says he is being charged with conspiracy
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to kill americans. north korea is escalating its nuclear saber rattling. the north koreans are also threatening a nuclear attack against the u.s. following missile and atomic weapons tests last month. a north korean government video shows what's suppose to be a missile blowing up new york city. that's the news report there. the white house says the u.s. is fully capable of defending against a north korean ballistic missile strike. the u.n. security council unanimously approved tough new sanctions against the rogue state trying to make it more difficult for them to finance and obtain material for weapons programs. new details this morning on that deadly lion attack in california. authorities now believe the animal escaped from its feeding cage when it mauled a 24-year-old volunteer. the lion named couscous apparently got loose by using one of its paws to lift a partially opened door meant to keep him in a page. this morning diana's family describes her as fearless and
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said she died doing what she love zbld the idea that the animal just turned around and viciously attacked her would be so unusual. and she felt that the animals were safe. >> officials say hahnson died instantly when 550 pound african lion broke her neck. the owner of the park says safety protocols were in place. the investigation continues. former president bill clinton wants the defense of marriage act overturned. in an opinion piece in the "washington post" mr. clinton explains his reason for opposing the law defining marriage as between one man and one woman. the former president says when he signed doma in 1996 it was a very different time. writing, quote, when i signed the bill, i included a statement with the admonition that enactment of this legislation should not, despite the fierce and at times devicive rhetoric surrounding it, be understood to provide an excuse for
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discrimination. the law is itself discriminatory. it should be overturned. there's plenty of speculation. still no confirmation on the exact date when the vatican's pope collection process or conclave will begin. despite a media blackout u.s. cardinal roger mahoney tweeted thursday discussions were reaching a conclusion adding a mood of excitement prevails among the cardinals. as the 115 cardinals prepare to take on the centuries old tradition another tradition dating back hundreds of years is also taking shape. betting on the next pope. according to the website two of the top three papal contenders are from italy. number two from ghana, cardinal sean o'malley and timothy dolan from the united states are long shots with about a 4% shot at papacy. to london now where pop singer justin bieber says he's getting better after collapsing during a performance. according to a remember for bieber the pop star told the audience he wasn't feeling well and then he collapsed backstage after suffering breathing problems. the 19-year-old was given oxygen
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from emergency workers and bounced back to perform the final four songs of his show. the biebs was given a once over at a london hospital where he was feeling well enough to insti instagram this shirtless fo toe. kentucky senator rand paul told politico he is seriously considering a 2016 white house bid. he's been blasted for the filibuster by john mccain and sin lindsey graham for using scare tactics. >> so somehow allege or infer that the president of the united states is going to kill somebody like jane fonda or someone who disagrees with the policies is a stretch of imagination which is frankly ridiculous. ridiculous. >> the first ads for the first in the nation 2016 iowa presidential kau kigss are on the air. the patriot superpac is running
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the spots against virginia's republican governor bob mcdonnell for raising taxes. a new book about hillary clinton calmed "the secretary" says the secret to her globe trotting stamina is hot peppers. fashion designer vivian westwood is criticizing the first lady for what she wears. she calls michelle obama a nice looking woman but claims her clothes don't suit her. she calls the first lady's clothes, quote, dreadful. how can that be? the white house says despite the extreme -- eggstreme budget cuts from the sequester the kids will not be disappointed. the annual easter egg roll will be held. the people's house will hold the annual extravaganza on april 1st. virginia senator mark warner got a tweet from the boyfriend of his press secretary asking permission to send a message that he knew she would read.
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senator warner agreed to help, responding, quote, certainly. best of luck. then came the tweet with a photo of the boyfriend on one knee asking her to marry him. she said yes. the happy couple posted for a photo with the senator. congratulations to them. that's your morning dish of scrambled politics. now nbc meteorologist here with the weather. >> good morning. we get started on a friday here. we're actually looking forward to a beweekend where you lose tt hour of sleep. a hard morning monday as you head back to work. we are springing ahead this weekend. don't forget to turn your clocks ahead one hour before you go to bed saturday night. maybe want to do it tonight to get used to the time change. we're actually still looking at this big storm system in the northeast. snow is still heavy at times. especially southeastern massachusetts where another several inches is possible. bringing totals up around a foot or more. especially southeastern massachusetts. we also have a lot of rain across southern california. this is going to turn into nearly blizzard conditions across western nebraska and up
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into wyoming where blizzard watches a already posted. especially for later today and into tonight. we also have those winter storm warnings and advisories still in effect. especially across southern new england. where we will end up with, perhaps in the southeastern massachusetts area, 12 to 14 inches of snowfall. we're also seeing some pretty decent snowfall accumulations across northwestern new jersey where four to five inches of snow is possible. and we will still have to deal with gusty winds as well. so we are going to see some pretty nasty conditions on the roads, especially for the morning commute. mara? >> all right. we'll keep an eye on that. thanks so much, dylan. coming up, stocks continue to hit record levels but the sequester is hitting hundreds of thousands of workers. and what are the best cars to get your pet around? plus, how much would you pay for wine made by brangelina? i'm the world's worst cleaning lady.
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some stories making news this morning. the government is putting some 60,000 customs agents on notice
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for upcoming furloughs. agents are responsible for securing borders and facilitating trade with other nations. the move is nons response to the wide spending cuts. the cdc is warning of a potential inex-from a deadly virus previously unseen in mumens. it's kimmed eight and sickened more than a dozen. most of the infeks are in the middle east. no cases reported in the u.s. world leaders are descending on venezuela for the funeral of hugo chavez. mahmoud ahmadinejad is among the dignitaries. like vladimir lenin before him chavez's body will be embalmed and put on permanent display. the fbi is investigating a string of possible bias crimes at overland college in ohio. it started back in february when black history month posters were defaced with the "n" word and graffiti reading whites only. classes were canceled earlier this week after a report of someone wearing what looked like a kkk type hoodie on campus.
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and call it a modern day space race. google says the first contestant has signed up for its contest to put a robot on the surface of the moon. the search engine is putting up $30 million for the winner. turning to business. fresh market highs were fueled by optimism ahead of today's february jobs report. economists are expecting 160,000 jobs added last month. and they predict the current 7.9% unemployment rate will remain unchanged. jc penney is holding off stocking shelves with martha stewart items as it continues to battle macy's for exclusive rights to some products. "wall street journal" reports s&p companies are on track to pay at least $300 billion in dividends this year. topping last year's record of $292 billion. the first batch of wine from brad pitt and angelina jolie's vineyard went on the market thursday at about 20 bucks a pop. all 6,000 bottles of the fruity rose were purchased in just five hours. ford is recalling more than
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200,000 mini vans dated 2005 through 2007 because of rusting could cause the third seat to come loose. which vehicles are safest for your pets? that's right. ranked the top dogs for your pooch. dodge journey first for its in dash cooler. the ford flex crossover is favored for ample leg room and wide doggy friendly doors. gmc's acadia has ideal climate control. hyundai's tucson for privacy glass. and the jeep liberty rounds out the top five for custom crates and carriers. art work diskor covered in a garage in long island, new york, appraised at an incredible $30 million. the paints by were found when a house was sold. the new owner was told by the family to throw them out. good thing they didn't listen to that advice. tiger is in the hunt. michael jordan is getting married. a guy gets fined for laughing too loud. plus, check out this 70-yard
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many cereals say they're good for your heart, but did you know there's a cereal that's recommended by doctors? it's post shredded wheat. recommended by nine out of ten doctors to help reduce the risk of heart disease. post shredded wheat is made with only one ingredient: one hundred percent whole grain wheat, with no added sugar or salt. try adding fruit for more health benefits and more taste in your bowl. it's the ideal way to start your heart healthy day. try post shredded wheat. this has been medifacts for post shredded wheat. after rand paul's real life version of mr. smith goes to washington senator paul told politico he's seriously considering a 2016 run for the white house. joining us now for his take on all of this, msnbc contributor ari melbourne. i cornered you in the hallway and asked you to be here at 5:00 a.m. i appreciate you taking me up on
2:20 am
that. let's start talking about paul and his political ambitions. you know, his father had quite the fan base and quite the following with this last election. can we expect to see the same kind of thing in 2016? >> i think there is a similar audience out there for rand paul as his father. there's a lot of excitement among the libertarian part of this party. and that's a family that always had a lot of success on the internet. where some republicans have struggled to organize. >> critics have described his filibuster as kind of ridiculous and paranoid. it did set the agenda in terms of what we're talking about. we're talking about journalists now. we're talking about the issue. did he accomplish anything with that filibuster? >> i think he absolutely accomplished two things. one, he drew a policy response from the attorney general that others had not drawn on this important question about the limits on this power to deal with potential government killings. senator ron wyden, a democrat
2:21 am
and others, had sent letters to the administration and not received the same kind of substantive response. number two, yes, he drove the press, those of us who cover these issues, to take a deeper look at this drone question, which regardless of your politics, is obviously one of the most important powers the government wields. >> all right. ari melber, thanks so much. now to other stories that caught our eye this morning. we begin in new jersey where a vulture invasion has residents on edge. understandably. over 100 birds have descended on this neighborhood. videos and photos taken by residents show the birds lining rooftops and trees making everyone in the area a little freaked out. can't blame them. a long island man is facing a $500 fine or 30 days in jail for laughing too loudly in his own home. a very witchlike laugh. the citations say a neighbor believes that laugh was directed towards him, saying robert acted in a manner to purposefully
2:22 am
annoy or disturb the neighbor. in syracuse a group of first graders gave a name to a newborn penguin. the pint sized bird is the first of the humble penguins born at the local zoo this year. a thriller in the nba. latin night at madison square garden. knicks faced oklahoma city. kevin durant at 34 points. with seven seconds left the knicks' jr smith missed a chance at a game winning shot and oklahoma city pulled out a 95-94 win. to the golf resort and the wgc cadillac championship. tiger woods made nice approach shots and sank 30 putts for a share of the lead at 6 under par. rory mcilroy 5 over par. the coolest shot of the day? phil mickelson hitting his ball off a concrete path that lands on the green. he got the birdie to go to 5
2:23 am
under. florida high school kicker jonathan semerine made an incredible 70-yard field goal during training. it was caught on video. if that had happened in a game he would hold the national record for a field goal at any level. nba legend michael jordan may be getting ready to get married again. jordan and his fiancee cuban-american model applied for a marriage license in florida which is only in effect for 60 days. early con garagelations to the couple. for another look at the weather, meteorologist dylan dreyer is here. >> it's a mess in new england. we are talking about another snowstorm out that way with perhaps 12 to 14 inches in southeastern massachusetts when all is said and done. it should start to wind down later on this afternoon. in new york city it's been flip-flopping back and forth between the rain and snow. not a whole lot of accumulation. but the roads are wet. go into northwestern new jersey and we do certainly have a lot of snow and blowing snow on top of that. middle of the country looks quiet for today. strong storms are possible as we head into the weekend from
2:24 am
kansas city right down into central texas. then the northeast starts to warm up. washington, d.c., on saturday should top out around 53 degrees. that will help melt a lot of the snow. especially interior parts of virginia, too. >> thanks so much, dylan. just ahead, demi moore wants ashton to pay up. plus, if you want a taste of the wolf pack from jt "hangover 3," stick around.
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fra animals on the loose to one amazing buzzer beater. let's take a look at the week that was. from the midwest to the capital folks around the country had
2:28 am
another clash with old man winter. >> they're calling it the snowquester. >> the word "snowquester" is a combination of snow and the sequester. nation, i think this is fantastic and ridiculous. or fantasticulous. >> also new jersey governor chris christie's take on the automatic budget cuts. >> i don't have the first damn idea what they're doing down there. >> new jersey has other things to worry about. like loose farm animals snarling traffic. in massachusetts governor duval patrick was happy to play papa bear. other cute animals. one at the buffalo zoo and the other at the san diego zoo. just in time for passover swarms of locusts invade israel. floridians take cover, too. first, thousands of sharks migrated to the palm beach area. now experts say mega mosquitos
2:29 am
could invade this summer. it's official. the harlem shake craze is over. finally. holy vigilante. a man dressed as batman nabbed a burglar for the cops. this guy donned a costume, too. the fake cardinal nearly snuck into a vatican meeting by posing as a bishop. a brawl on the ice left an ottawa senator player out cold. smoking hot, this amazing buzzer beater at a new york high school basketball game. now to entertainment. jaels franco and mila key nis are expected to light up the box office with the opening of "oz: the great and powerful." one of the hottest videos on the web? trailer from "the hangover: part 3." take a look. >> someone needs to burn this place to the ground. >> i like that. >> you remember me?

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